Vulnerable Children

Our target popular at Ignite Change are the families of orphans and vulnerable children. But what makes a child vulnerable? A vulnerable child is one that is lacking adequate care. They could be living in extreme poverty, malnourished, not attending school or all the above. One of the most recent reports from Alternative Care Uganda shows that in the Northern region of Uganda, 98.8% of children are vulnerable (see chart below). That number to me is both staggering and heartbreaking. It means that almost every child I meet in Ngai are facing extreme challenges on a daily basis.

IMG-20170510-WA0019A vulnerable child walking 2 km to fetch water. Her mom went through our business training classes and was given soybean seeds to grow.

This is why I am choosing to move to Uganda. And part of the reason we felt God calling us to Northern Uganda specifically. To serve a community where the families often do not know where their next meal is coming from. Where they have to walk miles to get water that is dirty. Because what country you are born in should not determine if you have clean water, food, or receive an education.

  Critically Vulnerable Moderately Vulnerable Generally Vulnerable Total Vulnerability
Central 7.8 33.6 52.7 94.1
Eastern 7.5 45.5 43.8 96.8
Northern 9.3 56.6 35.9 98.8
Western 8.1 41.1 45.9 96.1
Average 8.1 42.9 45.1 96.1


I am excited and motivated to walk beside the parents and caregivers and work with them through business classes to find ways they can financially support their families. I am excited to see the children enter the Primary School and receive a quality education and be able to have dreams for their future!

Thank you for your prayers and support!


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